New Blood Discord

New Blood Discord

The New Blood Discord is the official Discord of New Blood Interactive.

Invite Link:

The admin team is comprised of Dr. Skelebones and Avain.

The moderation team consists of:

  • Tul’Juran
  • Gilby
  • Jabronii-chan
  • Platinum Knight
  • Kirby the Pyro
  • MrMuffinz
  • bakafrater (Finnish)
  • Mati
  • OldManMalice
  • OnionKnight
  • Squiddy
  • Synteks
  • Yske

Counters: XP, fame, and shitted

Every user has three counters linked to them.

XP is accumulated via messaging in the Discord. It has a thirty (30) second cooldown. You earn the ranked roles this way.

fame is gained the same as XP and is used to earn the Kyle rank.

shitted is manually incremented when a user reports they have shitted. There is no reward for this.

Ranked Roles

The current ranked roles are:

  • Mook (Fallen Aces)
  • Crowman (Gloomwood)
  • Priest (Faith)
  • Killer Machine (Ultrakill)
  • Champion (Amid Evil)